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8th Place Baby!!

North American Bodypaint Championships

From 20th place in 2016 to 8th place in 2017, I am climbing my way to the top! My model this year was the adorable Ava Lockheart, and she killed it! It is such an honor to be able to compete and create with this amazing collection of talent from around the world. Many thanks to Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray for putting this show together, and to everyone involved in this production. Find out more about Living Art America on their site:

Winter is coming!

It's too late to book me for Halloween, but never too late to get painted!

For parties, photo shoots, holiday cards, special projects, or simply because you can... bodypainting is an art that embraces life and beauty in a way nothing else can. What do you want to be today?
Contact me for individual or group rates, and let's make some art!